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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Interior Progress!

The trees are now barren and Deeradise shines through the trees now to all who pass by.  I think curtains or shutters are going to be a priority once we get moved in...which is just around the corner.  We are hoping to be in for Christmas.

The rock guys from Castone finished the capstone on the front pillars.  We are very happy with the look of the stone!

The hand hewn spruce log that has been sitting in our garage since April finally found its resting spot in between the living area, kitchen and dining area.  In addition, the bar lights were hung in the kitchen and the laundry room got some paint.

These are mason jar pendant lights so the jars will be one of the last things installed to prevent breakage.

laundry room

Hemlock timbers were mounted on the master bedroom and master bath ceilings which also were painted. Almost all of the heavy lifting/mounting is done - we are still waiting on the living room/loft ceiling logs and the front bedroom ceiling logs.

Master Bedroom

Master bath

Master Bath

The temporary stairs got thrown outside and the beautiful permanent hemlock stairs were laid in its place.

A lot of interior trim was put up, doors were installed and all of the painting was completed.  We used d-log for the trim in the loft around the doors and windows.  It looks sweet!  We used rough cut for the top band.  The stain takes differently to the varying types of wood we've used so the color varies, but we think it looks great!  The contrast really makes it pop!

trim boards installed - they are out of rough cut wood

handcrafted door for the upstairs bath linen closet

accent logs were also stained in the same color as trim work

door to walk in storage closet upstairs

handcrafted door to the attic

attic door stained, installed and looking sweet!

Light fixtures were installed upstairs.  These really make the place look different.  We opted to use mason jar lights for the majority of the lights in the house and we are quite pleased with the way they look!

sconces next to picture window in loft

This beautiful Lucky 7 chandelier came from the talented J.D. Clark  in Norman, OK.

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 - a view from below

This awesome bucket light is from Lighting Universe

This gorgeous 5 jar mason jar pendant came from Pottery Barn

5 jar pendant
The office was stained; the ceiling fan got installed and the desk light was put up. 

Handcrafted closet doors - these will get stained

Awesome rustic fan!

Desk light - this is a mason jar pendant light which again will be put on last minute to avoid breakage
The spare bedroom had interior trim put up as well the d-log trim around the doors and window.

Some of the faceplates were put on the light switches upstairs.  We are using western themed plates in the bedrooms and bath and then using wildlife plates for the loft.

Finally, the upstairs bath got it's faux paint job and we are quite pleased with how it turned out.  It still needs trim work but we are quite happy with it and think it's going to work great for the western theme!

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  1. WOW!!! It looks amazing, one of a kind. I am exhausted just looking at pics of all the work, can't wait to see it in person. You can see the finish line!


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