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Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Week Closer...

This week continued with lots of work inside.  The kitchen floor had to get partially laid so that the kitchen cabinets could get installed.  The cabinets are hickory and the flooring is an oak.

awesome little bar area - love the hemlock but it's actually just a support and will be covered with the granite counter top; the cool log however, will stay in place :)

the little bar area is kind of a reverse bar - the stools will be facing the dining room so that you can be enjoying the views out the dining room windows.

The cedar logs arrived for the living room and loft ceilings and the spare bedroom.  All of the interior railing was also put up.

This week we also picked out the granite counter tops for the kitchen and they should be arriving in another week or so.  We searched all over for a piece of stone to use as the counter top in the upstairs bath and finally found one at Acme.  We also ordered a large slab of wood to serve as the master bath counter top.
will cut down to size for the upstairs bath counter top.  this should look great with the rock sink!

hickory bathroom cabinet in upstairs bath

cedar logs installed on loft ceiling

picture is kind of dark - but this is the spare bedroom with 2 cedar logs on the ceiling

spare bedroom ceiling character log

the other spare bedroom character ceiling log
The tiles were being laid out for installation in the master bath.  The shower floor tile was laid last week and the rest of the tile should be finished this next week.

master bath

also used hickory cabinets in master bath

tiled shower floor

And finally, we have the hand crafted barn doors for the master bedroom I've been so anxious for!  We love them!  We know not everyone wants a barn for a bedroom but this is our house and we get to do what we want! :)

door to the walk-in closet in MBR

doors for the other closet - they are on a sliding track so the doors can bypass one another

doors can slide either way, just like real barn doors!

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