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Sunday, October 2, 2011


I'm not a fan of snakes.  I'm the person who will watch all the snake shows on Discovery but doesn't care to ever encounter one in real life.  My mom still tells the story of me screaming my head off and running away from the latrine at Girl Scout camp when I was like 11 because I had seen a large bull snake.  Well, last Sunday I was walking down the drive when I saw this little black curling tail and instantaneously said 'SNAKE'!  I calmly walked on the other side of the drive like an adult and promptly went and got Jason.  :)  He came out, immediately tried to pick it up and then realized it was dead.  Mr. Snake had met his demise when he got trapped in the fescue netting.  Jason cut the snake out and disposed of it.  I know living in the country will bring snakes, I'm just hoping I can adjust.  This snake was also in the same spot as the other snake we saw back in April, so I also think we may need to put up a 'Snake Crossing' sign next to the drive.

a healthy rat snake (Jason is 6'2")

As for the house this last week, the A/C got finished up as well as the electrical and plumbing.  We also had our framing, plumbing and electrical inspections and passed with flying colors!  The insulation got done and the remainder of the siding was also completed.

We ended the week with a day of shopping for shower tile, stain, paint and other interior necessities.  Jason had actually attended Lowe's customer appreciation day on Friday and ended up winning a 5 gallon bucket of flat latex paint, so we easily decided to stick with just one color of paint since it's easy to change paint later.  However, I am planning on doing a colorwash in the upstairs western bathroom so Suzette from the paint center at Lowe's hooked me up - I just hope I can make my wall look like the picture!

Note:  Jason and I are headed out of town this next week so the next Deeradise posting will be two weeks from today.

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