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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Leaves are Starting to Change and so is the Cabin!

Fall is our favorite season and living in East Tennessee is really fortunate during autumn (or anytime of the year, really :)) .  It is one of the most gorgeous places to see the fall colors!  It's still a little early, but the colors are starting to change.  Hopefully, in another week or two, we'll have some even better pictures of the fall foliage.  This week we are going to take you on a tour of the cabin as it has also been changing alot in the last couple of weeks. 

We enter the front door and head straight up stairs.  The bathroom is right ahead of the stairs, bedrooms to the right and the loft is to the left.

Going left, we enter the loft.  We opted to go with drywall on the walls because we didn't want an entire house out of wood!  We will use log accents in here on the ceiling and walls.  There will also be a window seat underneath the rectangular window in the middle.

Heading back towards the stairs, we stop in the bathroom on the left which is going to be western themed.  It is also drywall but will have wood trim accents to fulfill the western look.
we are using oil-rubbed bronze fixtures throughout

Coming out of the bathroom, we continue to the 2 bedrooms on the left and a storage closet.
 First, we'll take a peak in the rear bedroom which will serve as our office/2nd spare bedroom.  We will add some timber accents on the ceiling and eventually will chink the siding to make it look like an old school log cabin.  This is the same siding used on the exterior of the house; we are just going to chink this room to set it apart.  (Chinking is the filler or mortar between the boards.)

Nice large closet with double doors
Going next door, we'll go into the front spare bedroom which has round log siding and will have some additional log accents on the ceiling to give it the feel of the popular round log cabin style.

has a nice large walk-in closet

Now, we are headed back downstairs.  This is the foyer which is around 26' high and will house the main chandelier.

At the bottom of the stairs, we go right into the living area with the warm glowing fireplace which we have been using as the cooler temperatures have arrived!

The living area, dining area and kitchen are all open.  There will be an island/bar in the kitchen that has not yet been constructed.  From the living room, we walk straight into the dining/kitchen area.  There will be a large spruce log at the intersection corner of the kitchen/dining/living room and some additional logs on the dining room ceiling.

To the right of the kitchen is the laundry room and pantry.  We used drywall in here for the pantry and wall where the washing machine will go.  The small 1/2 wall not completed yet, will be rough cut wood.

pantry will have doors

Coming out of the laundry/kitchen area we head back to the front door and find the 1/2 bath off the living room which has not yet been completed.  This is going to have rough cut wood on the top 1/2 of the walls to emulate a barn-like look with metal on the bottom half.  We are also going to be using the metal on the backside of the island in the kitchen.

Back at the front door, we continue into the master bedroom (to the right of the front door as you walk in the house).  Here we are using rough cut wood to make our own barn.  Not many people would want to sleep in a barn, but well, we do.  We first placed tar paper on the wall so when the rough cut wood contracts, you will see dark.  Also, the sides of the rough cut were stained prior to being boarded up for this same reason.  We had a very hard time finding a stain that would make the wood look barn-like, but I think what we got is going to work well.  We will also be adding timbers to the ceiling and using barn-style doors.
2 doors to the left are one closet, the door on the right is to the large walk-in closet

the stain is a little on the dark side but should lighten up with time to be perfect!
Last, we will head into the master bath which continues with the barn theme.  It is not yet all complete, but we'll also use timbers in here on the ceiling or maybe some metal....we'll just have to wait and see. :)


The toilet room - there really isn't a window.  It's a built-in shelf but the guys were on a roll cutting and made it into a window. :)  They are fixing it.
And, finally, a few fall foliage pictures from our property and the roads into our subdivision starting at the turkey crossing!  These gals are here every day!

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