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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's happening at Deeradise...

The past couple of weeks at Deeradise have been busy.  We are finally starting to near the completion of the exterior (minus the log railing for the porch which won't be ready for a few more weeks) and will be heading indoors in the next couple of weeks.  The weather has turned to fall and it's absolutely beautiful here!  Check out what's been going on - we have lots of pictures!

Excavation!  The large hill/dropoff next to the garage was built up, leveled out and made into a third parking area (the boat spot according to Jason :) ).  We also had fescue netting put down to help prevent erosion until we have time to figure out what we are going to do with the yard.  The grass is already growing well and almost too fast as we don't want to have to mow it this year!!

HVAC started last week and will be finishing up early this next week. 

unit is not hooked up yet, just dropped off near its location

Electrical is still getting done.  It should be finishing up this week so we can get our electrical inspection.  The plumbing will also be finishing up this next week.


The fireplace box got built last week and we now have a chimney on the roof!

The metal roof was also started last week and completed this week.  We love it!  It really does add a lot to the front of the house! 

you might wonder why we bothered with all the work of putting tongue/groove on the porch roof if we were just going to cover it with metal...well, we didn't plan to but in order to pass code, we had to install some kind of wood roof prior to the metal being installed

metal roof from the loft windows

And, finally the siding is near completion.  We ran out of it while working on the basement exterior walls so the siding is not all complete yet, but it will be soon.

For the 2nd story, we chose to use board and batten on the rear/side of the house for a different look (we also did this on the chimney).

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