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Monday, September 5, 2011

Thank You Lee...

East Tennessee is in a flash flood watch through Tuesday thanks to Tropical Storm Lee.  The rain started on Saturday here and progressed to a full-on downpour by Sunday night.  We are supposed to get 5-10 inches by Tuesday evening.  We chose to rain delay the blog which usually gets posted on Sundays so that we could get a little more progress made.  For those of you who look forward to our Sunday posts, thank you and we hope to be back on schedule next week.

The week began installing windows, fixed glass and doors.  It really does make the house look different and it's nice to be able to finally lock up especially with all the rain!  Wednesday started the siding.  We chose a hewn siding made from pine and log corners made from Lodgepole pine.  (Lodgepole pine is named for its common use in Native American tepees.)  The stain is also getting applied.  We chose to use Sikkens semi-transparent SRD stain in Butternut and it's really turned out beautiful!

All the pictures were taken with our camera phones this week.  Somehow in all the chaos of building, we lost the SD card to our camera and our camera is so old (Sony Cybershot DSC-W80) they don't sell the SD card in any stores.  We have to find it online and order it.  So, hopefully next week we might have the camera which does take better pictures!

Other happenings this week...Jason has been wrangling wire throughout all of the interior as he is doing the electrical wiring.  The remainder of the logs on the front porch got stained and we discovered new wildlife.  The Eastern Fence Lizard (aka Prairie Lizard)...Buster and Justice will be sure to love these li'l guys!

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