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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Marathon

Right now it feels like it's mile 18 and all you can think about is getting this over with!  You're hot, sweaty, exhausted and feel like at least one of your legs might fall off but you can't quit.  You haven't reached that 26.2 mile marker and that is what you've worked so hard to reach so you keep going.  I've done three marathons and this is my first time building a house and I have to say, I've been having a lot of marathon reflections these last couple of weeks as I'm discovering this house building stuff is a lot like training for a marathon!

Jason has been through this before as he's built cabins in the past but I have not.  This is my first house being built from the ground up and right now, I feel like I'm at mile 18 of the marathon.  The time commitment, the physical exertion/aches/pains, the endurance of it all is almost overwhelming at this point, but I know the end is near.  And, from my marathons, I know just how rewarding it is to cross that finish line and get the medal around your neck after all the months of hard work/training.  I just have to keep the end in sight.  This house has a lot of sweat, blood and heart and I know it's going to be a very special place once it's all done but I had no idea before we engaged upon this journey that this would truly be a marathon in its own right. 

I haven't even put in as much time at the house as Ron/Jason but I think we are all ready to get this project wrapped up in the next couple of months.  So, we've been working like crazy this week.  We have a super cool tool; well, more like an awesome piece of industrial equipment:  the MAN LIFT!  <insert Tim 'the toolman' Taylor grunt>!  This bad boy goes 60 feet in the air, articulates and is all-terrain.  It has helped us sheath the roof, the walls and everywhere else we couldn't reach before.  Check out this week's pictures!


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