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Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Week at Deeradise...

Monday:  Happy 4th..I went to bed at 8:30 and didn't see a lick of fireworks although Ron and I did go through a few 50 round drums on my Sig Sauer 522LR and took the Mossberg for a spin too, so I guess we created our own fireworks!  Prior to the fun, we made all the joist and top plates for the wrap around porch.  We also had to move the basement bedroom window down a foot so that the wrap around porch deck above would flow more seamlessly with less steps.  Unfortunately after doing that, I now wish all the windows in the house were a foot lower because it gives a better sense of openness to the room with the large casement windows we will be using.  It also rained and I ordered more t & g (tongue & groove) as well as all of our porch timbers and logs.  We can't do much else on the porch until the timbers/logs arrive.

joist/top plates for wrap around porch

Tuesday:  I tore off the built in place forms Ron had made for the other side of the garage slab which holds all the rebar in place and the magnesium skreed board that was used to level the slab.  We then prepped the other half of the garage slab for pouring which included laying the mesh, rebar, and another skreed used for leveling the concrete.  Other items getting done today included some miscellaneous framing.  We also got our casement windows delivered today.

casement windows which will be put in after the porch is done

Wednesday:  We were supposed to pour the other half of the garage slab but it rained off and on all day, so it was back to some miscellaneous framing which included some design as we go style building.

Thursday: Framing started in the basement.  (We are only partially finishing the basement but completing the basement bath so we can use it when we come in from working outdoors.)  We placed the tub in the basement bath and built the equipment room in the basement that will hold the water heater, the electrical and audio video panels.

basement bath

equipment room in basement
Friday:  Again, we were going to pour the slab today but the weather showed rain and we canceled the order only to have it stay dry all day.  Weathermen have the only job in this world where you can be wrong 65% of the time and never lose your job.  So, instead we built the basement bedroom and started on the basement frame punch list.

braces in the basement were completed
basement bedroom
Saturday: More basement walls were built and once the boss showed up (Cristi), we got more work.  The master bath and basement stairs got some revamping thanks to her.  Thankfully, we haven't had much rework from our initial framing but Cristi's "suggestions" did seem to be worthwhile to help the layout of the bath and stairs so we opted to do the re-framing.  Cristi and I also took a hike on the property.  The blackberries stretch at least 500 foot on one side of the property so we set off to pick some berries from the back 40.  We found the deer trail and scared a few bunnies but we got about 7 lbs of blackberries which made all that briar scratching worthwhile.

storage room in bsmt

future bar/game room in bsmt

home theatre in bsmt
hiking through the back 40


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