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Sunday, July 31, 2011

They Say Everything Is Bigger in Texas...

but they should see how we do it in Tennessee!  This week was all about the wrap around porch.  The timbers we had been waiting on got delivered late Monday afternoon for the start of a productive week.  These beauties are 8x8 and made from Hemlock which is an insect resistant wood and they look sweet!

8x8 hemlock timber post

First, we had to cut the timber posts to size which took some time.  Then the garage trusses showed up on Tuesday adding to the local lumber pile.  The driveway looked like a lumberyard with all the decking materials and trusses!  It was hard to find a spot to work.

lumber yard

garage trusses

Next, came the installation of the rim joists for the porch which wasn't easy since the side/rear deck is anywhere from 11 foot off the ground.  Then, the remainder of the decking was installed...all 1100 square feet of it!  It is awesome to be able to see the wrap-around porch in all its glory now and it does seem big!  But, it's going to be well used and we are looking forward to spending a lot of time out on the deck.

installing timber posts

installed rim joists

no direct house entry from the garage - you have to walk on the covered porch to get in the house via back door

This next week, we'll continue working on the porch as we have to install those "purty" logs sitting out on the driveway and put the roof on.
log to the right is one of the entry way logs

entry way log

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