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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Plumbing, Logs and a side of Garage

All of the plumbing drains were installed this week. We now have pretty white pipes with purple spots on them all over the house! (the purple spots are pvc cleaner which goes on before pvc glue is applied.)  I am still partial to purple and white even if I don't live in KS anymore...still love my KSU Wildcats!  I guess that is also a dead give away that Jason isn't writing this week's blog as he would never call plumbing pretty nor admit liking K-State!  (He's an OU fan.)  Ron needed the tub drains and shower valves so that meant I finally got to have a little fun doing plumbing fixture shopping! 
K-State inspired plumbing!

Jason and I both scoured the internet for faucets and sinks.  We discovered finding a roman tub faucet with a minimum spout reach of 10" is close to impossible to find.  We found two!  I even called Delta, Moen, Kohler, and Pfister personally to verify they didn't have something.  I also discovered that you can't buy a galvanized bucket sink anywhere!!  (We were going to make our own but the local building codes wouldn't let us.)  I finally found a copper version to suffice for the top of our whiskey barrel in the half bath.  We found a rock sink at Southeastern Salvage in Knoxville for the upstairs "western" guest bath.  We managed to order all the bathroom fixtures except the master bath faucets/sinks.  Oh, and Jason found an awesome shower system for our shower!  It has 2 shower heads and 2  jets - there is no way you aren't going to get squeaky clean in this shower!
rock sink
Tuesday we were finally able to pour the remaining half of the garage slab floor as the rains held off until Thursday this week.  We also got a delivery of cedar logs from Everhart Lumber on Tuesday to be used for the front porch posts and interior accents. 

cedar logs
The load of porch timbers that was supposed to get delivered early this week didn't come.  The mill's saw didn't get fixed until the end of the week so that means hopefully next week we'll have the porch timbers and be able to start back up on the wrap around porch.

So, instead of doing porch work, the garage framing got started and all the walls were up by Saturday night.  The trusses are being made by Christmas Lumber and should be delivered early next week.
front of house w/garage

side view w/garage

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  1. This is coming a long nicely! I can't wait to see it in person! - Brenda


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