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Monday, July 4, 2011

Decking Dynasty

Deeradise's namesake

young buck and hopefully our new "pet"
It sure was a hot and rainy week.  We managed to get the first half of the garage slab poured on Tuesday.  Hopefully, we'll get the 2nd half poured this next week although there is a chance of rain every day until Saturday.  I'm sure as soon as our house is finished the rain will stop and we'll be in a drought for the next year but until then, it sure does keep a coming.

This pic is before the power trowel was used
Despite the weather, the porch continues to develop.  Everything is about the porch right now as it will also double as scaffolding once it's completed which will make it easier to continue working on the second story and roof.  The porch is no small feat though and will take a couple more weeks to complete.  I knew the porch was a good size but didn't realize it was 1100 square feet!!  I think that set in after I saw the large load of lumber awaiting me in the drive which was to be the deck and porch roof.  I spent 3 days staining just under half of the 260 2x6x12 tongue and groove in the 95 degree heat while working on my tan.  I still have about 144 boards to go but that will have to wait until next weekend and that is just the porch roof.  Not to mention, there is staining the deck and all the wood we'll be using inside the house.  I'm going to be a stain master by the time this place is done!

decking!!  it's going to be soooo nice!

mammoth load of tongue & groove to stain

garage came in handy!

i think i prefer last year's camping at Balsam Mountin, NC to this year's 3 day binger of staining for the 4th

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