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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Old Glory

Monday started on a high note as we got back to it at full speed.  The 3 week sabbatical was much needed but now it's full steam ahead.  Monday and Tuesday we finished the zip roof sheathing and taping all of the seams, which was awesome because Wednesday we got almost 2 inches of rain!  We then moved indoors to do a few small framing details and regrouped.  Thursday we picked up all the plumbing parts and I laid out and boxed all the electrical.

The rains continued Friday and Saturday but between the rains, we got the porch piers started.  This wrap around porch is going to be the biggest and most spectacular in the county if I do say so myself!  The master bath tub was delivered as well as the water heater.  I sure hope the 80 gallon water heater is big enough because this thing is the size of a small swimming pool!

front porch piers

our 6x4 tub

The first thing I did Saturday was hang Old Glory out front.  She was a gift from our good friends Lori & Ron which without, Deeradise would not be possible.  Thanks Lori & Ron!

I picked the season's first crop of blackberries off the property.  They were tasty!

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