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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mudfest 2011!!

I felt like I was wearing platform shoes in a mudslide carrying a 65 lb. hunk of cement!  The reality was almost 2 inches of mud caked on the bottom of my Asics as I carried 65 lb. chimney blocks down the side of our house which had turned into a mud slide!  Thanks to yet more rain in East Tennessee, Deeradise was like Mudfest 2011 more than once this last week!  Jason also carried the blocks - it sure wasn't easy but we got them all carried to the footer holes around the house in preparation for their transformation into piers for the wrap around porch.  (Unfortunately, we didn't get any mud pics...maybe next time.)

All 15 piers were completed this week with rebar and concrete.  The concrete pouring was pretty labor intensive as Ron and Jason used the rented concrete mixer to mix the concrete and then poured the mix into buckets only to then climb the ladder to pour the concrete into the pier.  Jason and Ron both looked like they had survived a bombing when they returned home that evening.  Concrete is some nasty stuff.

rebar inside the pier

the 2 tallest piers are for the front entrance

completed front piers

side piers

rear piers

Headway was made on the garage floor as the poly, rebar and mesh wiring was laid in preparation for pouring this coming week.  Fortunately for the guys, the truck can just back in and pour on this round of concrete. 
garage prepped for pouring

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