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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another off week

We started the week on a strong note Sunday as Dad and I worked about 4 hours or so in exhausting heat!  (Dad even suffered through keeping his shirt on - he wanted to make sure to not be censored out of the blog this time!)  We installed the hurricane strapping in the basement and finished digging a small ditch out back to extend the water/electrical lines so we can have a hose for the garden.  Home Depot was kind enough to donate two Ridgid palm air nailers and it made the job a breeze.

Monday morning, I woke up in pain as gout was doing a number on my big toe again.  This happens every few months but not usually this bad.  I could take gout medicine to prevent the attacks; however, the gout medicine is bad on the kidneys so I'd rather suffer in pain a few days every so often and save putting more damage on my kidneys.  Cristi must have caught a bug in L.A because she has been in bed most of the week and she was kind enough to share, so now I am sick too. :(  (thanks honey!)  Oh well, that's the way it goes.

We did make it to Lowe's on Monday to pick out our 3 bathtubs (one is 72" x 48" so it's more like a mini pool) and order our shingles.  We also bought our fireplace from Hearthside Distributors and it's already been delivered and is sitting in the garage.

The weather here has been brutal for our area so I guess that is the bright side of not being able to work this week.  The mercury in my truck read 99 degrees yesterday.  Typically, July and August have about 20 days of 90 degree heat so this is insanely hot for this time of year.  I think we went straight from winter to summer!!

(It was pretty dark in the basement so the pics are pretty bad, plus I was using the camera on my phone.)

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