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Saturday, May 28, 2011

West Coast, East Coast?

This week started with Ron and I fighting our way up hill.  We installed the zip roof panels on the 12 pitch over the living room.  Due to the pitch and height off the ground with no fall protection, we installed the panels from inside the house by making footholds in the ceiling rafters.  This project took up a good part of the day.  Had the roof been, say a 5 pitch, we would have blown it out in a 1/3 of the time. 

Monday night we decided to call it a week and hit the road the next morning so that Ron could see his wife and celebrate their 20th anniversary together. (Happy Anniversary Ron and Lori!)  Cristi had already left last week for software training in L.A. (via a quick weekend pit stop in KC for some family time).  While in Florida, I saw family and friends.  We swam, boated, jet skied and worked!  I went to Florida to relax but I guess I forgot that as I am tired!  I got to hang with the owners of Clearwater Beach Photography and Anything Assembled while boating on Moon Lake.  Nothing like catching up in an open air office like that!  I also consulted with my buddy Brent over at C&S A/C Services about our HVAC needs and hope to see them in a few weeks to do the install. 

I returned to Tennessee on Saturday night bringing Dad along for a short visit.  Cristi had gotten back home early Saturday morning.  All in all it has been hard being away from my best friend and honey for 9 days and we are both glad to be home and back together!

First Roof zip Panel

1/3 done and learning that installing panels on a 12 pitch roof sucks!!!

12 pitch over the living room is finished

Doing a little boating on the Gulf of Mexico

Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica, CA

Sand Bar, Gulf of Mexico

Local art from Florida.  It seems that I am bigger than the bear or Cristi

1 comment:

  1. Love the photos!! especially the last one =^)
    Kent and Jackie
    PS Kent knew what you were talking about the 12 pitch - ours is a 10 over the living room and he doesn't walk on it - it if needs something, we call!


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