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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Snakes, Whiskey and Wood

"Snake wrestling, tick fighting, scorpion killing, black widow smashing" were the words Dad used to sum up his experience while helping work on Deeradise this week.  I'm sure he's looking forward to getting back home to Florida and lounging by the pool.  Nevertheless, he was a great help and we appreciate him coming all this way to help out!  Thanks Dad!

The blocks and sticks are finally starting to look more like a house.  The basement walkout wall was erected this week as well as the center carrying wall.  All of the floor trusses were put in, the advantech flooring laid and the subfloor completed.  The temporary stairs were also made and installed so we can now easily get to the first floor from the basement.  Oh, and the nasty job of water-proofing the basement got done, too...thanks again Dad!

Cristi, Dad and I did make it to the Smokies to get our hand-carved front door from the local artisans at Smoky Mountain Critter Carvins.  We also picked up a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel used at the distillery in Lynchburg, TN from Reel Barrels.  It smells authentic, too!  Cristi and I actually toured the Jack Daniel's distillery a couple of years ago - well worth the trip to Lynchburg in case you are wondering!  We actually plan on turning the barrel into a sink for our half's gonna be sweet!

As for the snake wrestling and such, we did see our first snake at the property this week and we learned that East Tennessee does in fact have two varieties of scorpions - supposedly, the sting isn't any worse than a honey bee but hopefully we will continue to see them before they see us!  Cristi is going to be equipped in a full body armor suit the next time she comes out to help!

probably a rat snake as it was pretty docile although it could also be a pine snake


  1. Update - we have confirmed the snake was indeed a rat snake. We have also confirmed its death today in our neighbors drive....RIP.

  2. Looks great! Is the whiskey barrel sink idea original?

  3. Would love to take the credit but no the sink idea is not original...


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