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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Pool Is In!

Just kidding!  Although, the garage looks more like a pool as it is holding at least a foot of water right now thanks to the abundant spring rainfall in East Tennessee!  Cristi and I had discussed putting in a pool just a few weeks ago but I don't think this is what either of us had in mind!  We are already 2.5 inches over the average rainfall for March/April and April is only half over!

Despite, the wet conditions, Ron and I got alot of work done this week even though it doesn't seem that way now that I'm writing it down!

We cleared another 10' of trees in front of the house so there was a lot of chainsawing and burning going on.

large lumber load delivered by Christmas Lumber early in the week

Headrick Excavating was back out to finish the leach field and septic.  We then got our state septic inspection and passed!

the leach field which is our backyard!

Most of the week was spent on forming the bond beam.  (As I explained to Cristi, this is a horizontal layer of concrete used to reinforce the wall.)  Harrison Concrete and Action Pumping were back on site pouring all of the basement walls solid with concrete as well as pouring the bond beam. We then installed the seal sill and sill plate so we are ready for framing!!!

building form boards for beam

Sill Plate

We also ordered all of our exterior doors this week from our friends at Lowe's who continue to give us great deals.

Coming up next week, we have some help flying in from New Port Richey, FL.  My dad is coming in Wednesday thru Monday and boy, do I have his work week filled!  We will be water proofing the basement and building the basement wall.  We do have one "fun" day planned as Cristi and I had already made plans to go to the Smokies on Friday to order our custom, handcarved front door insert from the local artisans.  We might sneak in a little trout fishin' too!  (We do want Dad to come back!)

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  1. Looking good!..the custom front door will be gorgeous!


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