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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Burn Baby Burn!

I never wanted to be a fireman growing up, but I sure played like I wanted to be one this week.  I have singed the hair on my forearms and came home so black with soot that Cristi had to do a double take when I walked through the door!  (And, yes, I'm walking this week; the knee is much better!)  Most of my week has been spent inhaling smoke and burning a 50'x25'x10 (yes, that is feet!) pile of brush/trees to ashes between rain showers.


The pile had to be burned this week as the septic leach field is getting finished next week.  If we had waited to burn the pile until after the leach field was in, we would have melted all of the plastic septic pipes so it was kind of a priority to get it done this week.

The awesome free gas grill we picked up off
to save us from eating sandwiches every day!
 We had a lot of rain this week in East Tennesse.  I'm beginning to become like my father-in-law as much as I'm watching the weather channel these days!  Anyway, Ron laid as much block as possible this week when it wasn't raining.  He cut in the rebar in the 8th course of block and expects another full week of work before the block is finished.  Hopefully, the rain won't slow us down this next week. 

front left corner of house
front right corner of house

front right corner of house, left corner of garage

back of house - walkout basement
front of garage

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