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Sunday, April 10, 2011

And, Then There Were None!

1700 blocks laid all in their rows!  This week ended the block work! We are extremely thankful for my buddy Ron as he laid them all but 2 - I laid number's 6 &7 in row 7 of the garage.   Was I a big help or what??  Between everything else that I have going on and being hurt I didn't get to be much help which wasn't in the plans. This coming week we will be forming the bond beam on top of the block and then pouring the whole wall solid.  There isn't much else to say so we'll just show you the pictures.


rear left corner of basement

left side wall of basement

front left corner of house

13 courses of block

front of house

We did order our windows this week - a little later than we had originally planned.  We didn't order any of the windows we had mentioned in our previous blog.  We ended up going with casement windows from Valley Building Supply.  We also spent quite a bit of time this week making some final changes to the floor plans.  (The septic leach field did not get put in this week due to the excavator's schedule but it should happen this next week.)

we discovered this week we have numerous dogwoods on the property

doe a deer - the spring weather has brought them back!

the turkey didn't want to pose


  1. Jason, glad you are better. The Dogwood is really pretty. I know you are excited; please keep sharing.

  2. The Dogwoods will be pretty.

  3. looks like every thing is going ok love you both. Linda

  4. Wow! How many hands do you have on deck doing the framing? Just you and Ron? You guys are doing an AMAZING job!

  5. Yep just us two. Thanks we are tired of working 7 days a week. I need a jet ski break!


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