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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Tornadic weather and torrential rains slowed progress down somewhat this week.  We had a little more than 2 inches of rain Monday.

This was taken after 2" rain fell and prior to the 3 inches of rain that fell yesterday.

We did have a section of the front wall of the basement fall in from all of the rain but the excavator will be back out on Monday to fix it.  Jason drained the rear footer hole which had 12" of water in it and also drained 3' of water from the septic tank.

Front basement wall collapse

We had our first electrical inspection and passed!  It's a good thing I have taught Jason a thing or two about Nascar which should help him relate better with the inspectors here. :)  I may have to go a step further and buy him a Trevor Bayne shirt. :)  We did get the transformer installed from the power company and now the temporary power pole Jason built has a shiny new meter in it.  Jason also chainsawed and cleared the 100' x 30' leach field for the septic.

temporary power pole

We also placed our order with AT&T for DSL (never know when you are going to get a break to watch some Netflix while working).  This sounds simple, but hours and hours went into that AT&T order - we'll spare you the details!  Speaking of hours and hours - Jason has spent countless hours and phone calls to vendors planning and comparison shopping so that we get the best deals.  There is a lot of paperwork, phone calls and planning that takes an immense amount of time 'behind the scenes' but isn't really exciting enough to blog about!

Material and supply orders were placed with Christmas Lumber, LowesHome Depot and Ace Hardware. All four place have been a huge help and Lowes has just gone above and beyond.  We were in Lowes last night and the manager took $30 off a wheelbarrow without us even asking because we've been such a fixture in their store lately.  The great people at Lowes truly want us to succeed with our building. (And no, they aren't paying us to say that!)

Yesterday, we had almost 3 more inches of rain...having a lake at Deeradise wasn't in the plans.  Hopefully, we can get things dried out enough to get started on the footers this week. Our construction help should be pulling in Monday night; none of this would be possible without Jason's buddy, Ron (from Spring Hill, FL), who is making huge sacrifices to help us out here in Tennessee. 

Lastly, we have a question for you, our readers.  We are needing to order windows end of this week and we are debating on color.  What color of windows would you order?  Remember this is a cabin so it will be stained - we aren't sure yet if it will be a light or dark stain, so we need windows to work for either case.
  1. Vinyl windows in white
  2. Vinyl windows in almond
  3. Chestnut bronze in aluminum clad (aluminum clad is vinyl on the outside and wood on the inside)
  4. _______ color in aluminum clad
Please feel free to drop us an email or comment on our blog with your window opinion!

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