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Friday, February 18, 2011


Trees fell right and left this week as they succumbed to the buzz of the chainsaw making "cleared" areas for the house, garage and driveway in preparation for the excavator.  The house site and drive were also staked with bright orange stakes for easy identification.

chainsawn alley

Most of the cut trees were small - the oldest tree cut down was 19 years old based on counting the annual circles.  (ie the rings on the inside of the tree)  We also think we may have some small sassafras trees as the smell of licorice was in the air!  Sassafras is known for tea, rootbeer and my favorite, furniture!

We have also discovered with the clearing that the ridge off in the distance is starting to become visible (see picture above).  It looks like we should have a decent view from the 2nd story windows!

In addition to the chainsaw action, we obtained all of our permits and disrupted the deer first thing Monday morning.  They haven't been back but who can blame them from running away from the chainsaw noise!

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