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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diggin' Dirt

Dirt flew this week as excavation kicked off!  It took 3 1/2 days but we now have what looks to be an actual construction site!  And, we managed to get it all done before the rain came which was a BIG bonus!

Lots of activities went on this week.  The bobcat and backhoe from Headrick Excavation dug our walkout basement and garage.  (Due to the uneveness of the lot, the garage had to be partially dug for the footers and to make it level.)  They also dug the hole for the septic and built up the driveway.

starting to clear the drive
starting the basement

basement hole is 50x34 and garage hole is 29x29

roughed in dirt drive - 140 feet long

The septic was delivered to us from BargerAndSons.  It's been dropped in the hole but we still need to clear the leach field and install the lines for it to be complete.

how many men does it take to set a septic??

Progress was also made on the utilities.  The temporary power pole was made and installed.  The ditch was dug to lay the pipe for the electric and water.  The water meter is in and the line running from it to the main house is hooked up.  The underground electric pull box was also put in but we are now waiting for the transformer.

The big day was the day the port-a-potty arrived on site...not only was it equipped with toilet paper but also with hand sanitizer!  As the only woman on the job site thus far, all I can say is WOOHOO!  (Brought to us by Fay Portable Buildings in Athens, TN.) 

Lastly, we got the first truckload of gravel for the drive and made a makeshift gate with galvanized cable so we could hang our private property sign.

the first of many truckloads to come

the entryway to Deeradise

Oh and we've had our first guest tour of the walkout basement and garage by the deer.  While still MIA during daylight, the little critters are sure making the rounds at night!

look carefully and you'll see deer prints

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