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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Welcome to Deeradise!  Deeradise?  Yes, Deeradise.  You have never heard the word I'm sure but I know you have heard of Bearadise especially if you have ever visited East Tennessee.  Most cabins in East Tennessee and elsewhere have names that embody that particular cabin.  Recently, we were driving and discussing what on earth we were going to call our future cabin and Deeradise was born.  We aren't sure this will be the final name of our cabin but for now, we're calling our future paradise Deeradise!

Deeradise is 4+ acres located in East Tennessee and will be our future home.  We are building a rustic-themed cabin nestled amongst the beautiful acreage of woods.  It is in a one street subdivision with an abundance of privacy and an abundance of four-legged creatures!  It took approximately 10 long months of searching anywhere and everywhere around Knoxville but we finally found our little piece of serenity.

This blog will follow us as we build our beautiful cabin.  Jason is our contractor and he's built many beautiful cabins before.  We are going for a very rustic themed cabin and look forward to sharing all of our accomplishments, setbacks and joys throughout this building process.

Thanks for reading our blog and we hope ya'll stay tuned...


  1. Sweet! When do you break ground?

  2. have to close with the bank first which should happen in the next day or two

  3. Allen said white. He said the last log house had white. I said chestnut or the color of the stain. But who cares what we think? I'll just be glad to see it


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